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Software issues??

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Hi guys how is everyone?

Just a quick thing i've been noticing with my 00M5. For the past month or so a few problems have popped up and i'm not sure if this is because the car is getting on a little or something major is on its way out. Right 2 problems!

First is, sometimes during the first 30 seconds of setting off when the stereo is on it will all of a sudden turn off.....just the sound. The display will still show the cd on or radio station. Sometimes if i turn the stereo off for a few minutes whilst continuing my journey and turning it back on the stereo will be fine. Sometimes i'll actually have to pull over a turn the car off for a minute. As if resetting the car fixes this glitch which leads me to thinking is this software related?

Second problem is similar in symptoms but is regarding the windscreen wipers. Sometimes they will just all of a sudden die after they are working....pull over turn ignition off start car again and they are fine.....again is this something to do with the computer in the car. Not sure if it controls these functions.

Can anyone help??
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I think I can help with the audio question, if you have the orange light staying on, and no sound, then it is likely a DSP amp problem ---> you can try Ashok's reset method for the DSP amp here.
There is also a RC filter, I think that's what it is called, that is fitted into the harness near the DSP amp. Seems it delays the power up and stops this problem.
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