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Hey guys! I recently got my porter cable so I've been doing car details.

I'm offering a special for the summer in return for me practicing swirl removal. So far I've done about 4 cars but I haven't taken any real good pictures, but here is what I have to show from doing my friend's black E39..

pretty much the services in the package will include wash -> claybar -> compound -> polish -> wax for about 80% swirl removal (not gonna guarantee higher but it will probably be higher than that).
since it will take me about 8-9 hours for the swirl removal, i will not be doing any interior cleaning or intense wheel cleaning.
The products that I will be using are M105, M205, and meguiar's carnauba wax.

If you guys are up for it, I am willing to do the job for $220-260 depending on the car's size and how bad the paint is.

Shoot me a text or PM to schedule an appointment!
I can do a mobile service(will need a lunch break) if you have a hose and a garage that I can use, or you can drop off the car at my home. i am located in cerritos area in orange county.

The only days I am not available are every Wednesday and Sunday for my part time job.

Narvin (714) 717-2226
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