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Socal meet cars & coffee

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... or something to that effect... haha

Hey everyone, my name is Tom and I'm looking for other Euro and BMW enthusiasts out there. I live in SGV and I'm looking for people with BMWs and other Euro cars. I figured with bimmerfest right around the corner why not try and get some meets up before hand. Any cars are welcomed Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Lotus, and other exotics of course are welcomed to join in a, as yet to be decided, meet & greet car meet! Ha... say that 5x fast... you can't do it can you? A friend of mine lives in Orange County and frequents a coffee shop on Saturdays at 8AM for what he and his friends call "Cars & Coffee". It is a huge car meet that gets all different types of cars like Ferrari's and Lambos to sport bikes and choppers.

If you're interested, I'm looking to start something like this up in the San Gabriel Valley area. It's a great opportunity for business owners to get their car modding businesses out there in the local Euro scene and it's a great way to meet board members of and many other car enthusiasts such as yourself. Saturday mornings seem to be a stable day for my friends in the OC with their Cars & Coffee breatheren so let's stick to that.

If you are at all interested please feel free to reply to this thread. Hopefully we will have people interested in a meet & greet for this or possibly next coming Saturday. Please include a headcount if possible and what kind of car you will be driving to the meet. Oh that reminds me... I drive an E39 BMW M5. Friends of mine that will hopefully be joining us drive E34 5series, EVO 10, and a VW GTI. All are fixed up to some extent and look nice. Hopefully your car falls in line somewhere there. All are Welcomed and Drama need not rear is ugly head. Basically if you are in anyway a Deuchebag don't bother...