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so how do i remove a broken coil?

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in typical diy fashion, a preventative maintenance job on a fully working car turned into broken coils and a not working car.

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What gives me some comfort the #10 that was broken was already broken when i got to it, it was missing one of the ears that the latch hinges on, so it was a no go. The number 4 one was pretty surprising, since it just ripped clean off, and I left #5 in there because I saw the connector was already cracked.

I've been using a 3/8" extension fed through the opening in the clip to pull them out. Is that not right?

.. And more importantly, now what? How do I get the remnants out? I thought about drilling a hole and getting a long screw in there, but not sure that's such a good idea.
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Hate to sound like a broken record but you need to first break the rubber boot to spark plug seal. Can you try to rotate whatever is left of the coil? Once that seal breaks pulling it out shouldn't be too bad. If not then cover off it is. No DIY that I know of but do you have newtis access?
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