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Hello everyone,

I’ve been having issues with my m6. One night the speakers started to pop/crackle/hiss as soon as I started my car up. Had a quick drive home and planned to check to see if it happens again.

Next day as I unlock the car I can hear the pops/crackles standing outside the car with the door closed. I needed the car that day so for a temporary fix I went ahead and removed the fuses for “Hifi amp/tv tuner/video module” I’m assuming power to the amp was cut and the speakers stopped making the pops/crackles.

Went about a week with no speakers (gotta appreciate the sound of that v10 ;)) and then tried putting the fuses back in. The hissing/crackling was still there...but I started to notice a metallic-burnt smell. I look up to see SMOKE COMING FROM THE TOP OF THE iDRIVE HEAD UNIT?! Specifically - the ventilation area on the center of the dashboard.

Has anyone experienced this or could give some insight as to what would cause this. I would assume the amp but the amp is not located anywhere near the source of the smoke? The iDrive screen works and functions like normal with or without the fuses I removed.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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