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Smog/Recall Problem: Peak Code: P0171 / P0174 -- MAF's/Dinan Software or Emissions Recall?

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I just bought a 02 BMW M5.
I bought it through a dealer that I know well, the car was repoed previously but I got a good price. He told me to take it to smog myself.

It has the Dinan badge on the back.
I called the shop that installed all the Dinan and they said the car had the Cold Air Intake and Dinan Stage 1 and Stage 2 software installed, and more but irrelevant to this subject matter.

I popped the hood and it looks like the Dinan Cold Air Intake was removed by previous owner and stock has been installed.

I tried to get the car smogged, they reset all the codes and then got the following codes from the Smog Machine:
I am getting peak code P0174 and P0171 -- Bank 1 & Bank 2 Running too Lean.

Now could this be because the Dinan Intake was removed and the Dinan Stage 2 software is still installed?

The car also has a Emissions Recall that I need to do before Smogging the car, will this solve the problem?

I bought the car on Monday. All Wednesday the SES light was gone. I was running Gas Station 76 91 octane. I filled up at Chevron late last night, but I am not sure when the SES light came on. Today it has been on all day.

How come the SES light was gone for a whole day?

Guys help me out i really need your thoughts
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I am getting the MAF's replaced. I just have not had time.
Afterwards I am smogging the car.

I went to Sterling BMW and they are Dinan approved, they did the re-call yesterday .
W/ the Re-call they put the stage-2 back Software back in.

So hopefully smog-pass is not far away.

The car has:
Dinan Clutch
Dinan Short-Shift
Dinan Stage 1/2 Software

It also supposed to have:
Dinan Front Strut Braces
Dinan CIA

But the last two have been removed before I bought the car.

I gonna re-install them later, but first I want to make sure everything else is running perfect on the car and I dont have time for it right now.

The car had enough points to get the Dinan badge.
...But not anymore w/ the
CIA. So the badge gotta go or CIA/Exaust/Strut Brace put back in.

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Lativa has no rules, but I live in Irvine, CA. At the time of registering on the board I was in Latvia.

Terrabase, I have a 2002 beast that went through a similar sequence as rkhudave described. Since I live in California and not Latvia, I don't know if my experience applies, but here goes (needed emissions upgrade certificate from BMW dealer for registration renewal):

Step 1: Went to BMW dealer for DME update. Made sure I got the receipt that I could mail to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This step over-wrote the Dinan software.

Step 2: Drove the car aggressively for a couple of hours, then got it smogged. It _just_ passed on the Hydrocarbon emitted reading.

Step 3: Went to Dinan and had them reflash the DME (stage 2 for me).

I have a 2002 Dinan Series 1 M5 that I bought two years ago.

I hope that helps. As I mentioned, I don't know the rules in Latvia -- if there are any!
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