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SMG problem with 2nd step!!!

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M5 E60 2005. I have a problem with second step. On the first program in auto mode the car has starting from second step. When my car gets under way it twitches like a fuel out! Our BMW diler cant find any reason... :confused2 Who can faced such problem?
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In the first D program (D1) the car will start in 2nd gear (I think the manual says this too). When the engine is cold D1 (or any 2nd gear start) will cause it to surge/lunge a bit. Once it warms up this does not happen unless you are really light on the gas pedal. So I have two solutions:

Don't use D1 mode. It is seriously wimpy for an M5.

If your engine is cold let it warm up before using D1. Once warm give it a bit more foot ... after all you're starting in 2nd gear it needs so go-go juice.
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