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In summary: unless you use an external charger do not run the smg adaptation routine. My battery was 'full' and the car had sat for just an hour or so, yet it caused adaptation to fail.

Long story: was playing around with INPA last night and decided to run the full smg adaptation routine. Middle of the process got an error 'gearbox jammed or locked out' and the continuos gong and red cog. Tried to run again but got an error on the initial steps this time. Played with the pressure / bleed options and of course made things even worse.

I let the car sit for an hour, meanwhile I read a lot of similar stories in here. Was afraid I'd have something bent which would mean fix it before you can drive again. Started the car and of course no change. Tried to take it out of the garage and stalled twice as the clutch was dumped whenever I *touched* the throttle. Luckily the garage incline allowed me to get moving. When the car reached ~3mph I shifted into gear and I was able to take it for a spin. Just around the block, all in 1st gear (forget about ANY shifting). Stopped an then ran the adaptation routine and... success. What a relief to know everything was ok!

Decided to do the adaptation as shifts have been a tad rough (nothing crazy tho). Clutch may be due for a change as there's a light shuddering when taking off. Shifts are now smoother but shuddering on take off remains. Had it not been for the forum the car would be at the local dealer right now. Also read the launch counter and it's at 30. Unfortunately none of those are mine lol....

Next on the list: buy a power supply before finding an icom and attempting the smg euro tune.
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