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I've probably read at least 50 threads by now on various navigation issues but mine seems different. It's a 2003 with the MKIV. Sometimes the screen is black and every few seconds flickers with white horizontal lines. When it turns back on it shows the BMW logo, but all the settings are still there and the navigation resumes from where it left off. Sometimes it'll work fine but sometimes I can't get it to even turn on. When it's off, the radio still works. Most people say theirs turns off after 3 minutes, but mine always works even if the nav screen has been black for hours.

However, it seems to turn on if I touch, wiggle, or gently hit/tap the bottom or top of the navigation module in the trunk. I've taken it out and inspected the connectors and they're perfect from what I can see. There's always at least some power going to the nav, because even when it doesn't work, pressing the eject button spins the disc for a split second, and then it's dead again.

So is it possible there's a loose contact or a bad ground inside the navigation unit? Or a leaky capacitor or something? Does anyone know what that one guy in NJ does when he fixes these units? Has anyone opened one? Any advice before I start tearing it apart?

I do a lot of electronics work for fun and am very comfortable with stuff like this, so I want to fix it myself. I can solder in a new part if required, etc. I just want to know if anyone's opened one before just in case there's anything I need to know.
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