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Earlier this year, just for fun, myself and some of the racers in the Skip Barber Racing Series started a website to serve as a meetingplace and forum to host our stories, pictures, etc. But it's sort of turned into a big resource for the entire series.

Thinking that it may be a good idea to also provide a place for people that are looking into getting into a racing school or even the racing series, I've just started a separate forum just for newbies. If you have any interest in going to a racing school or starting to race (for both, Skip Barber is the best in the business) then you may be interested in checking out our site. All of the instructors and participants are now online, and are available to help you.

The link to Team Juicy Racing and the Unofficial Skip Barber Racing Series Website and Forums

This site is totally non-profit. I apologize in advance if I shouldn't have posted it on this site. Gustav, please remove this if is inappropriate.


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