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Side mirror malfunction - NE ideas?

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hey guys, the button that folds the mirrors in/up suddenly isn't working. Worked fine yesterday and this AM, but once I got to work, it doesn't work anymore. :confused:

Does anyone know if there's a fuse I can check?
Or perhaps there's a way to "reset" this function?

Alternatively, is there a way to check the connections without removing the entire door panel (and ripping the vapor barrier), or going to the $tealer?

Searched the archives, but can't find anything on this.

Any help would be great.
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Mine did this too, and did actually fix itself.

It was my fault really, I was fooling around with the button when I got the car, raising and lowering the mirrors, and I guess the car just got fed up with me and cut out, leaving the mirrors in the folded position. :dunno:

But after around 10 mins, the car forgave me, and graciously lowered the mirrors for me, for which I was very grateful. :p
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