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Just completed my 4th customer build a week ago, so here's some content for you to enjoy. I have a few other builds I can post when I'm not lazy lol

2000 E39 M5
98k miles
575whp/452wtq @ 8.7psi

SHR Class I supercharger kit (ESS VT1-560 based)
SHR Fueling kit
SHR Short velocity stacks
SHR Catch can kit
SHR Rear subframe reinforcement w/ Einhorn Industries differential egg bushing
SHR Plenum total seal
SHR S62 powder coat combo
RMS billet plenum gaskets

Spec flywheel/twin disk clutch
Einhorn Industries pivot bushing nipple
Einhorn Industries shifter nuggets

Einhorn Industries S62 4-2-1 Unicorn headers
Einhorn Industries S62 Unicorn Cat Delete Pipes
Rogue Engineering resonated X-Pipe
Eisenmann Exhaust Systems 83mm Race Exhaust w/ SHR finish

Dinan Stage 2 struts & springs
Brembo 6pot/4pot BBK
APEX EC-8 18x9 | 18x10
Michelin PSS 265/35 | 275/35

Few months back, @dookateh contacted me after purchasing an ESS kit and asking if I'd be able to modify it for more power as he had seen me do it on other cars. This was no problem as I have created my own recipe of tossing away most of the ESS kit's components and replacing them with my own.
We had planned on doing this build months in advance as he would be driving down from San Francisco to Los Angeles and stay in San Diego while the build was supposed to be finished within 2 weeks. Of course, none of that shít happened LOL. 2 turned into 4.5 weeks due to delays from painters, welders, and other issues, etc.

Alas, we got the car running and loaded with a base tune to head down to the dyno. First runs were making 460-468whp. I noticed the idle was starting to get a little rough. We got a retune (Flash1) that shot the car up to 539whp. Unfortunately, the car kept going into limp mode and pulling power from there. We got a few 524-530whp runs, but it was all downhill from there. CEL was reporting some strange codes anywhere from coils to vanos. So we decided to leave and drive it back to check the car on a lift and check out the codes again. Looks like we have a code for a crank position sensor, which would make sense in messing with the timing and rough idle.

We replace the crank sensor, O2 sensors and fuel filter and everything is alright with the car. It's getting repeated power, no limp mode, no rough idle, and no CEL! Tigran decided to keep the car for a few days before re-dynoing, and gets the idea to remove the cats (I think I may had some influence on that). So we hit up @M5 Jedto see if he has any of his cat deletes in stock to mate up to the headers and sure enough he does! The car is brought back to me and the exhaust is changed out the morning of dyno day 2.

We dyno the car without touching the tune and it looks like cat deletes, on their own, gain torque but may have dropped some power up top. No worries as we still have to make a few more revisions. After about a total of 36 pulls (few of them I forgot to turn on the big cooling fan) and 7 tune revisions, we hit our 575whp number! That's an overall increase of 108whp from what we started with and what stock ESS kit usually put down. I conservatively estimated we'd make 530-540whp with this build, but at 575, I think it's safe to say we are all happy with the outcome and it has gone beyond our expectations.

HUGE thanks to @M5 Jed (Einhorn Industries) for all his work on the exhaust and getting the car to me in the time he promised. And then finishing up the last bit when we redid the exhaust.

Another HUGE thanks to my exclusive tuner Matt (HDTuning). We dyno'd the shít out of this car and he was always ready with the crtl+alt+del AZ-5 buttons to send me a revision. He is the ONLY tuner I ever refer people to.
And thanks to @dookateh for the opportunity to add this car to my resumé. And for his money. And for all the free meals.

Shady H.


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Nice job
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How’s the CCV/Oil Catch Can system working? Might be interested in that.

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