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Short story with pictures: kids and the M5

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On my son's one month birthday, I decided to introduce him to the world of ///M Power. :biggrin: I took him over to the M5 and put him in the drivers seat.

:thumbsup: He seemed pretty excited!!

I spent the next couple of minutes explaining the instrument cluster and how the orange lights go away as the car warmed up. I showed him the trip computer. He seemed pretty interested!!!

I then had to tell him that he was too young to drive. He didn't seem very happy. :sad1:

I had to break the news to him that he wouldn't be able to drive until he was 18, and that it would be a while before he could drive daddy's car.

He didn't take it very well. :crying2:


Although I did order him one of these today:
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:byebye: Cute kid and great post.
I'd cry too if you told me I couldn't drive "the family car" for 18 more years!!! Torture
In a year or two you could buy him one of the battery operated children's cars! :M5launch: They sell those at the dealers. Cute story by the way!!
Great story, I have a 6 month old daughter. I also had to break the news to her 18 years until she drives:D
hehe, classic.
Speaking as a dad whos daughter started driving last year, enjoy the next 16-18 years. Once your kid starts to drive, you can look back and reminise on how worry free life used to be.

Take this on faith, in 16-18 years you will know that faith was not misplaced.
Man, your son looks like a natural heel+toer - I think he's practicing the steps there to get the muscle memory going.

Sweet :)
Cute post.
Kids look cute around cars! for some reason.

I have a 3 year old niece and she is affixed with the colour of my car!
Congrats Nadeem - cute baby!

Reminds me of when my oldest son first got behind the wheel....

Thanks Nadeem!!! Great pics and story! And it proves you've become an expert diaperer too--no leaks on the seat :haha:

Thanks everyone for the comments. My wife and I are really excited to be first time parents.

(Although those 2:30am diaper changes are tough)
Cute pics and story......don't worry, another year or so get him one of these. :haha: My son is hooked and watches F1 races with me on the weekends! Gotta start 'em early :M5thumbs:


PS - Congrats on your first child! We just had our second, and she's 3 months old now. Totally know what you mean by middle-of-the-night diaper changes :) Let me warn you, should you have a second, remember 1+1 does NOT= 2 (more like 10) when it comes to effort, sleepless nights, worries, etc. But it's all good....all worth it when you see their smiling faces! lovelove


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Great pics, and wonderful captions to go with them! My poor dad got a bit gray hair the day I passed my drivers license exam, and then went bald when I got my pilots license... hiha He kept mumbling something about "you used to poop your pants and now you drive cars and fly planes..."
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