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Hey Team M5,

Hope all is well. Wanted to share my experience with Bullet Performance in Costa Mesa.

I recently bought an M5 down in South LA and asked for it to be inspected at Bullet Performance based on reviews on Yelp and the M5 board. Well, I met the previous owner there but arrived early to talk to the shop. The only thing the shop mentioned was that the clutch was slipping....

Since then I have found through visual inspection:
Power steering lines leaking excessively
Front Crank Seal leaking excessively
Torn Transmission mounts
Shifter completely separated from the housing
Stripped and leaking oil pan drain bolt
Cracked belts and badly worn tensioner pulleys
All four tires were into the secondary rubber on the inner edges

I also found simply by pulling on the wheels while the car was on the lift that the front tie rods were totally shot.

Anyway, from what I can tell the guys at the shop are awesome but whatever was going on that day they were not very thorough. I did not have a chance to inspect the car personally before the purchase so I was trusting them and it seems like they missed a lot. I would have not paid quite as much as I did.

Hope this helps someone in the future.
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