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Shoes for track use only

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I'd like to see your opinnion about wheels for track use, should I go for oem or try with borbet (they are costumised already)

Thanks for the answers.

Borbet are front 8,5 and rear 10 17" dedicated for E34
OEM are 8 and 9 17"

I'd like to do survey but don't know how :confused:


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P.S. When mounted, post a pic of the car on those red rimmed Borbets, I'd like to see that.
Amen - I generally don't care about wheels, but they are gorgeous :cheers:

And just to add my $10, I am considering moving from a 9" rear rim back to a 8" - the car has too much grip at the back and it's not helping me get a "feel" for RWD properly ... I'd like it to be easier to get the back sliding.

Grip is the enemy of fun - that's why modern cars are rubbish!
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