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Shift Knob Suprise

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I was driving along and dropped the hammer. In third gear at 95mph I shift and low and behold the shift knob pops right off of the gear lever! Wow, what a suprise. I push it back on and back off the speed. I later discovered that it is not screwed down like all the other shift knobs I have ever encountered. It mearly pushes down into a grove on the gear shift lever.

A warning to all, do not pull on this lever very hard or your going to get a big suprise and perhaps at a most inappropriate time! I can not figure out a way to better secure it, but I will see what the dealer has to say about this. By the way, the surface of the knob is now showing signs of the dreaded surface flaking that has been mentioned here from time to time. Yes, this is the aluminum(Sport) interior. The car came off the line in May 2000, so they did not get the fix in before then. Time to replace it.

Well, at least my clutch did not burn up. Sorry Dan, I could not resist. Did they get it fixed?

Happy Motoring,

Mark Harlan
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Hah. It's ok. It should be ok. We'll see. Dropped it off this morning. I remember somoene else posting about their shift knob comign straight off. I have a 1/00 build date and mine hasnt flaked, but I don't have a ring to help the process. you *could* glue it on, couldnt you? im surprised that it isnt some sort of mechanism where you slide it on at an angle (the M part points to the right mirror or something), and turn it once it's fully down, locking it in place.

I have heard from other BMW owners (one 325i owner and another M5 owner) that they have pulled their gear shift knob off during spirited driving, so it's something that happens across the board.
Yup. Go back and check the old posts ... I experienced the same problem. I just put the knob back on and gave it a good smack w/ the palm of my hand and haven't had the problem since. I mentioned the problem to my service department and the offered to replace the shift knob but I told them not to bother. Overall, I like the design. A threaded knob won't pull off but they often come loose and rattle (very annoying).
So, we are all knob impaired! I guess when the urge to roll really fast(and this is most of the time in this car I might add)hits, I'll just have to alter my pull weight on the knob.

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