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Hi guys, as title says, SES light on, I scanned it with my reader, it says "bank 1 sensor 1 low voltage"

So I replaced right side pre-cat O2 sensor.

Reset the code after the new sensor was installed, drove the car, light came back immediately

Scanned the code again, same fault.

I hooked up my scanner and read the ECU with the car on idling, it's showing between 0 to 0.015 V for right side pre cat sensor, and 0.60 V for the left side pre-cat O2 sensor.

So, my question, what's causing the ECU not to read the right side pre-cat O2? the sensor is good, I even tried swapping the left and right ones, same result.

Inputs appreciated, thank you all in advance!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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