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I was speaking with a dealership today that I have dealt with for years. The have a new pod system now for any form of servicing. This pod has meant the likes of Autologic etc is now becoming redundant as BMW make it too expensive to keep updated. BMW will sell a pod thing, plus wiring etc.

Now any car getting serviced, or more importantly diagnostic checked will incur a charge if the car is 5 years or older. Regarding on what type will effect the cost.

As all modern cars now require some form of coding or linking to this machine and as the independents are less likely to buy the Pod, does it mean these cars will then be going to BMW to be repaired, checked?

I foresee 2 problems, a cost to buyers of the cars these compared to the independents would normally have been. Secondly, how busy would the BMW dealers start to get, hence taking longer to get a car sorted. Therefore less people wanting to buy a 5 year old or older car because they are at the mercy of the BMW dealer costs.

Are BMW being to scrupulous here by cutting out the independents?
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