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Servicing and tlc

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Hi all,

got the M5 mot'd today, had a good look underneath while it was on the ramp. It doesn't look too bad.

The only advisory it got was for the rear shocks leaking oil, it's still got SLS as far as i can see so i'm going to have to do something about that in future...

Now i know it's in pretty good shape i'm going to give it a good service.

Can someone tell me what's the best engine oil and viscosity to use, gear and diff oil? I'm going to inspect the valve clearances myself but if any adjustments need to be made i'd rather pay someone else to do them.

Things are looking good :)

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God I remember when Castrol GTX 20/50 was THE oil to have! Of course I was driving a Granada 2.8i Ghia X :1::1:
You were such a boy back then Mr Mac !
Ha ha, will always be a boy! Just in an older delapitated body! Hardest part was accepting it lol:1zhelp:
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