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$18k USD. Feeling out selling one of my E34s. 1994 3.8 M5 in Ventura, CA. About 145k miles. Fjord Grey on dark anthracite hurricane interior. Moving in a month out of state and am considering only taking one car with me.

I bought it in 2014 and am embarrassed to say that I really have not done much with it. I've changed the oil, cleaned some things, installed a few maintenance parts and a few others bits but mostly the car has sat in the garage or in a warehouse.

Last year I was adjusting the valves and scratched one of the intake cam lobes. I have not made a decision about how to fix it - either polish the cam and keep driving it or have the cam replaced. It has been in the warehouse collecting dust since.

It has a few blemishes here and there but overall is in good, driver shape. It has some small rust bubbles on the rear, a dent in the rear pass quarter and some surface rust on the top of the C-pillar where it looks like somebody was a bit overzealous polishing. I was quoted $1400 by a reputable local shop to fix all three, but since selling it has been in the back of my mind, I thought that selling it at a lower price and letting the next owner decide how to deep to go with the body work would be a good idea.

Without the scratched cam lobe and the dent in the rear, I would say that the car is reasonably a $22k car. Leaving $4k on the table for the next owner to decide what to tackle, $18k sounds reasonable to me.

I will continue to ad more details. If interested please get in touch.

Link to some pictures:[email protected]/albums/72157691940233670[email protected]/albums/72157660229711676
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