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Seeking advice from M5 owners

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I know this is off topic, so if you'd like to direct me to another forum to discuss this further, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

OK. I love the M5 but can't quite afford it. Besides that, I think the M3 might be the right size for me. So what I'm asking you M5 owners is for any advice you might share on picking the "right" options for the M3, picking a dealer, and negotiating a price among one or more dealers.

The dealers want $5k up front to put one on order. This would seem to prevent me from doing any shopping around after I've put down the $5k. So I guess I need to contact the various dealers (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon) and see if any of them would be willing to deal.

I realize none of them may want to budge at the price. Did any of you M5 owners find any flexibility at all? I'm hoping at least for them to include some of the sales and delivery charges, or perhaps include a few options like a cheaper set higher-profile wheels/tires ($1000 - $2000) for winter, or perhaps maintenance costs.

I really want to arrange the best deal possible. But I've got no idea what it takes to arrange a purchase like this. Clearly, many of you M5 owners have been through this experience, and anything you could share would greatly be appreciated.
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I only had to put down 1k. Yes my entire M5 rested on a 1k deposit for over 4 months.

I wasn't so confident that the dealer wouldn't give up my slot, but low and behold they came through with my order.

You can negotiate your deposit down although the new M3 has as much demand as the M5 does.

00' ///M5 Titanium Silver/Caramel
Vancouver Auto (BMW) Ltd. took $10k CDN deposit for my M5, which came in exactly 8 weeks.

While CDN dealers are not budging on MSRP, they're also not charging premiums. Supply of CDN M-cars seems not to be an issue, so I would recommend a high-volume dealer that gets the extra allocations and may dance with you on the amount deposited.

I'm attending "M Night" at Vancouver Auto on July 24. We get to see all the current production models, plus a Z8 and an M3. The E46 is rumoured to be priced in the mid-high $70's CDN for this fall, but I bet it'll be just over $80. I'll have an exact idea next week!

Anyway, that's my $0.02 (CDN
). VanAuto is a high-volume dealer that also happens to have delivered a lot of M units, so I think you can count on quick delivery and flexible deposits. Your man is Mr. James Shiskin and you can call him directly at (604) 659-3222.

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On the other side of the country, we've gone through the M Nights thingie already.

Don't hold your breath on both the featured car. The Z8, is still the same prototype that you see in AutoShow and the M3 is a highly modified 323is. They tint ALL the windows (including the front windshield, that is) so you can't even see the interior of the car. The silver color you are going to see will NOT be available for owners to choose and given Canada, those nice bumpers front and rear will receive the extra strip of black plastic.
Nonetheless, I put down $1000CDN for a coupe and $1000 for a Cabrio and I get to choose, when the cars arrive, whether to wait for the Cabrio or buy the M3 right away and of course, I get the other deposit back. In fact, my friend is trying to decide whether to wait for the new Mercedes Benz C-Class souped-up-beat-the-new-M3 car or the M3 and he has put down a deposit on both with the rights to get the money back without questions asked.
If they are trying to lock you in for a car that is NOT even in production yet with $5000 and claim that they won't do a refund if you change your mind, I think you better report this to BMW Canada.
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Michael Ho from Brian Jessel BMW is supposed to be the top BMW salesman in Canada. He should be able to beat the best price you can find, look him up from's web site?
Hmmm...thanks for the heads up, Brian.

Already saw the Z8 proto at the Vancouver auto show, and I have no interest in seeing a fake M3.

Think I'll just stay home and watch "Survivor."

BTW, regarding Z8's:

I'm not sure whether it was the dealership or the entire city of Vancouver that was only getting four units, but VanAuto tells me that one guy was so anxious to get the first one, he gave them the whole $190k CDN + taxes upfront...

You're not going to believe this, but when I ordered my M5 (in April 1998) I only had to give $500 USD for my deposit. Even after choosing my options, in November of last year, I didn't have to give any money! When I took delivery of the car this past January, then and only then did I have to pay up.
Lastly, after the deal was done....I only paid $73K for my car. I guess I was pretty lucky!
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Ordered 12/99, $2000 deposit, car built 3/2000, paid sticker + lux tax.
discount on a m5???. are you nuts??. I would say that you would be lucky to get your car at Sticker. I took delivery of Carbon black/00/black nappa exclusive and the dealer found somebody who was willing to may me $9G over sticker to have it immediately. Needless to say, i declined.
Your're the exception not the rule here in the Bay Area. As you know folks are paying $20K over sticker for USED ones, & up to $30K over sticker for new ones. I was offered $20K over for my car after I got it and still have it!

(this post is for the non - Bay Area folks)
No money to get on the list last August. I put $500 deposit at time of ordering (December) when selecting colors, options, etc.... Remainder paid in cash at time of purchase (March). List price + Lux Tax + Gas Guzzler tax + Sales tax + Excise tax. Bought from Fred Buckley at Wagner BMW in Boylston, MA
I bought my M3 back in 95 when they were still only producing about 2000 a year. The short supply caused the same dealer behavior as many people have already noted here.

I went to 4 different dealers in the Chicago area. 3 of them wanted a premium over MSRP. I found one guy that was getting a solid allocation of M3s and was willing to do a deal at sticker. It was worth paying sticker.

Bottom line is, if you want a rare car that there is more demand for than supply, you have to find a high enough volume dealer that gets sufficient allocation. Then you stand a better chance of avoiding the markup game.

I'm looking to upgrade to the M5 now and am going through the dealer search process too.

Barry (and others) -

The reason I'm an exception in the Bay Area is that I didn't buy my car from a Bay Area dealer. The car came from Ganley BMW in Middleburg Hts, Ohio.

So far, at least, it's been probably the most painless car buying experience in my life. Of course, the car's not here yet, and it's supposed to be delivered thru Peter Pan.
I went on the list (Prestige BMW, Ramsey, NJ) last December 4th putting down a $500 refundable deposit. In late April I was asked for my order specs but no further payment until delivery on July 1 when I paid the balance. All-in price was MSRP+PDC (only option)+luxury tax+gas guzzler+state tax, destination,MV fees.
JEM -- How did you buy at one dealer and get delivered to another? Who did you talk to at Peter Pan? Any advice for someone else who ordered at a dealer selling at cost and wants to get it delivered locally (esp. in NCal).
"SELLING AT COST"?????!!!!!
Im a Bay Area res. and I had gto pay 10G over list but I got mine instantly. So I guess it worked out. Someone offered me 25 over list the same week I got mine. Are they kidding?? :)


4 Z8s will down to 2 for those lucky owner-to-be(s) to beat/kill/do whatever to get the 2 Z8s as Brian Jessel and Michael Ho will take delivery of the first 2 Z8s designated for Vancouver this year(should be here by the end of July as I was told)!!!

Andy Kuo
Guy - we got our 540i through Peter Pan, but regarding the M5 I haven't spoken to anyone there about it yet...the selling dealer set up the delivery dealership through BMW NA.

I suspect this is something unique to Euro Delivery, as the paperwork specifically has provision for it.
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