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I have a 2001 E39 that has electrical problems with both front seats. The car was in a "low flood" prior to my buying it. The passenger seat's switch module apparently shorted out and melted the module and some of the connector the switch module plugs into. I bought a new module and tried to install it, but the rest of the seat harness needs to be replaced also. This harness runs to all the relays and motors in the seat. The problem is that I can't get the seat out without moving the seat. It is in the full rear position and I can get the front bolts but can't access the rear without moving forward. I can't find any mechanical mechanism to move the seat without electric power. I tried to tap into the electrics under the seat to run the front/rear motor, but it is too low to see or access. HELP!!!

The driver's seat was partially forward backward action worked until about a month ago. It stopped working along with the steering wheel adjustment. The dealer says that there is a 30amp fuse block under the passenger side floorboard that powers these functions and is probably has some corrosion. How do you get to it? Anyone have these kinds of problems?

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from what i've read in the owners manual, there are only fuse panels in the glove compartment and the trunk:

If an electrical accessory should fail,
switch it off and check the fuse.
In the glove compartment
1 Open the glove compartment and
turn the two white quick-release
knobs to the left. Spare fuses and
plastic tweezers are located on the
fuse holder.
2 Use the plastic tweezers to remove
the fuse for the accessory or equipment
that has stopped working.
3 If the fuse is burned through (the
metal strip will have melted and
separated), replace it with a new
fuse of the same ampere rating
(color code).

In the luggage compartment
Use the handle to pull the trim on the
right wall down.
A list of the fuses, their respective
ampere ratings and the equipment in
their circuits is provided on the rear of
the side trim.

This information comes from pages 168-169 of the owners manual.

The PDF version of the manual can be downloaded from

The burnt out fuse you are looking for could be in the glove compartment.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but hopefully you can get something out of this.
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