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SE Qld BMW cruise - pics inside

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So the boys over at arranged a cruise for members in South East Queensland on 26 February 2011.

For the first time basically all year the weather was fine on the Saturday and there was quite a good turn out.

Mine was the only M5 there, but other cars included 2 x E46 M3s (1 convertiable, 1 coupe), an M coupe (Z4), a couple of tuned 135s, various 330cis etc and a F355.

The F355 sounded glorious - Richie has fitted a Mille Miglia exhaust to it and recently added headers. It is very loud and sounds intoxicating.

I have included some pics of the day for you to have a look at.

I raced the F355 a few times and beat it each time. Each race (on a closed circuit) was from 100km/h. He got the elad on me in the first race as I was in third and not pulling enough revs. However, once the engine revved up I closed the gap (which was only about 1/2 car length) and then started pulling away. The other 2 races saw me start in second pulling over 6,000rpm. The engine was in its sweet spot and as a result I walked the F355 both times :M5thumbs:.

I have also included a photo of some recent changes to my interior. The pedals are from - the boys there are excellent to deal with and the product themselves is of excellent quality.



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