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CA is offering a discount on both versions of Schrick cams for the S82 V10 engine.

these come in two stages, as detailed here :

we are offering these to members at £1350gbp including VAT a set of four, for either stage 1 or 2 sets.

U.S. customer price would equate to $2240 usd, but you may well be able to buy for less from a US supplier as the exchange rate is against you on this ...

We will also be producing European - specific software for these cams in next 8 weeks, please be advised that US version software WILL NOT work properly/ to maximum benefit on a UK or Euro spec car, no ifs or buts :nono:

The charge for this software will be in the region of £750gbp.

Projected estimate of power gains for the cams and software as a combined package is around + 45 - 55 "real world" bhp at the flywheel. We will post up INDEPENDANT dyno figures when we release this software.

If your M5/M6 has headers, pulleys etc then these cams are the next step it seems to us.

We are the exclusive distributors for Europe for EVOSPORT products, and are currently offering a discounted cost on their awesome pulley sets and headers as follows :

headers : £2790 gbp inc vat
pulleys : £370 gbp inc vat

all plus delivery/ shipping from UK.

thank you
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