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So I have an '03 M5 which I put an SES voice recognition module into just after I got it (about 6 weeks ago) and as well more recently (last weekend) added a 2007 date code Bluetooth/CDMA BMW Assist TCU (and a Bluetooth antenna).

The "Telephone" option comes up on my display, I got the Bluetooth phone to pair, and I love using it... it automatically downloaded my contacts, lets me dial and/or answer my Verizon LG VX8300 phone, caller ID works, and life is fantastic. I can use the on-board monitor and the steering-wheel controls to dial, or answer, and I found the additional telephone volume setting menu in the "secret" radio service menu, and I never have to take my phone out of my pocket when I get in the car - it's just "automatically paired with and ready." The sound quality is excellent, no clicks, pops, or annoying echos or anything. Amazing. The only annoying thing is that sometimes during the call I get an occasional "beep" that sounds like it wants my attention, yet I see no indicator telling me what it wants.

However... (there's always a gotcha)...

When I dial the phone, the SES is obviously handling the dialing, and SHE speaks very pleasantly to me in her female voice and handles the dialing, while the TCU says "System Off" in a male voice when I finish saying the number and tell the phone to dial. Apparently the TCU is male, and HE doesn't get to listen to me when SES is in control. On the other hand, if I press the voice command button, and say "Map" then SHE quietly changes the on-board monitor to the Nav map, while HE doesn't understand my command, and so Mr. TCU then proceeds to tell me that HE doesn't know what I want HIM to do, and also offers to help me. If I then ask HIM for help, all HE tells me about is the phone commands including the phone book interface, etc. If instead I press the voice command button and say "Help" initially, then SHE hears me (and HE doesn't) and so SHE tells me all there is to know about not only the phone voice commands but as well the notepad and the Nav commands. If I then say "Cancel" SHE will say "System Off" then apparently ungag HIM and HE will follow with "System Off." It seems like SHE is the boss (surprised?).

Is there a cure to this schizophrenia? It really doesn't bother me too much to have them both talk, it's just a little weird...

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