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HI guys,

I own a 2009 M6 with SMG with only 14,000 miles on the clock. I'm posting here for the sake of more traffic than the M6 forum and this is really an SMG question. I picked the M6 up last November and encountered my first problem last week due to a faulty PLCD sensor. I want your opinion to hopefully shed some light on why the sensor failed.

I bought the vehicle from the original owner and it is in as "like-new" condition as can be. The owner never had any problems with the car and the only thing done on the vehicle is regular maintenance items every year.

Since I picked the vehicle up, it has been performing flawlessly until last week when I took it into the dealership for its first service. I had an oil change, brake fluid flush, and tires replaced. After I picked the vehicle up, everything was fine until the day after. As I was driving into work while on the highway, the transmission malfunction yellow cog popped up and shortly thereafter the red cog. The car would violently lurch into gear with a delay. I feathered the throttle between gear shifts to reduce the severity of the gear change and made it to work safely. After I got out of work, the error message was gone and the vehicle drove normal for about 20 min. The error message and symptoms re-appeared after that. I pulled the codes and it came back with 510E, 510D, and 4FA0. After some research i diagnosed that it had to be the PLCD sensor and the symptoms surely pointed to that. The car is currently back at the dealer getting the sensor replaced.

Now, my questions is this, considering the perfect track record of the vehicle, can there be a correlation between the vehicle having just been at the dealer and the problem happening the day after? Could have the sensor possibly failed due to somebody being rough with the vehicle and abusing it such as a porter? Or do you believe it is truly just random?

I know it's tough to tell, just wanted to hear your inputs on this as it baffles me why the sensor would fail like that on a 14,000 mile car with no prior problems whatsoever.

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