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Hi everyone! I made a DIY video on how to replace the downpipes on an M5/M6 S63TU in case someone wants to tackle the project themselves. Feel free to share.

Full instructional Video (Including special tools, parts, torque specs and skill level) on how to replace the downpipes on an M6. Its the same procedure for an M5 and very similar to an N63. Feel free to comment opinions or questions.

Special tools:
Torque wrench, stubby 6 mm allen and multimeter, E-Torx sockets

Downpipe to exhaust gasket ring- (2) 18307843213
Turbo charger to downpipe gasket ring- (2)
Downpipe to exhaust nuts- (4)18307597650

Torque specs:
Turbo to downpipe V-band-19mn
Downpipe to exhaust nuts- 21nm.

Skill level: (1 easiest, 5 hardest) 2

Fernando Osorio
Milestone Motors LLC

Website: Home - Milestone Motors LLC
Instagram: Fernando osorio (@milestonemotors) • Instagram photos and videos
Facebook: Milestone Motors
Email: [email protected]
Linktree: @milestonemotors | Linktree
Snapchat: Milestonemotors

Fabworx downpipes can be found here:
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