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Due to my recent accident in my e30, I'm going to be cleaning out my parts collection. One of my big pieces is a complete S62 + 6 speed assembly. I pulled it apart to do all new gaskets, but I no longer have a car for it to go in, and won't in the near future. Receipts included for almost everything for the car back to 50,000 miles.

- 142,000 miles (original gauge cluster is included) but was involved in an on track incident last year at Spokane Raceway.
- New oilpan assembly + pump imported from Finland after purchase from Raikku (one of RK Tuning's engine builders)
- Almost all new main bearings, just need 3 more green bearings to complete everything
- Rod bearings replaced 1,000 miles ago
- Heads replaced at dealer around 90,000 miles because of carbon buildup (receipts included)
- Everything is in pieces, however I have them in boxes and will take pictures later today
- Comes with new main bearings, new oiling system, and new timing assembly
- Comes with ECU tuned by RK with dyno sheet for 336hp at the wheels

6 Speed:
- 75,000 miles on transmission
- Broken mount, however it comes with an extra 6 speed which has bad bearings
- JB Racing ltw flywheel
- South bend clutch assembly for running boost (the car never did)

$4500 for everything. I will update with picture later this afternoon.

This was it while running before the accident.

Onto the pictures of some of the parts:

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