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Hi All,

Like most of you im an exceptional bmw freek, possessed i believe.Just for a great read click below.

Anyway down to my main question aimed at those experienced members, you know who you are :)

My 91 rhd m5 (38b36) has 180K KMs (not miles) on the clock. Exceptional service history, fairly easy life thus far and i have good reason to belive the head and block internals are indeed very good. Certainly no need for a strip down rebuild for some time yet.

HOWEVER, as an obsessed owner of one of these vehicles i have all the usually typical leaks. (which really piss me off) eg. Sump gasket, rear main seal, front timing case, cam seal rear and probably front, oil cannister, rocket cover, possibley head gasket etc etc etc.

Given the Hrs and difficulty or in some cases impossibility in addressing ALL leaks at once (Engine in) im considernig complete removal of the engine so that a full gasket / engine reseal can be done with engine out. I think this would be the best way of addressing all issues at once.

I would love to hear from faz, seb and any other members with such experience and thoughts.

Maybe we can put a difinative numbered list of To-Do's together. This would be really handy to s38 owners who know they have good internals and just want to address all leak areas in one go.

Moreover does anyone know of a workshop in Sydney, Australia trustworthy and experience enough? I want this reseal to last as it were factory. ie. Sump dried over night and etc.

*** PLease Note. Ideally i dont want to hear how since the motors coming out i should start looking a turbos, pistons, cams etc etc etc. To me, the m5 is a special car STANDARD. And i think as the years pass, it'll become even more so, thus im not interested in any kind of FI, and other internal modifications. In fact i find it almost laughable how some people think they can jump onto ebay, throw a few k at so called performance specialists and wow suddenly the car is just sooo much better and more reliable that what bm intended it to be. If i wanted a 10sec m5, i'd yank the s38 and throw in a 13b tt and no doubt have change out out of 10k, or something stupid like that. Anyway you get my drift :)
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