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Im sure someones probably posted this previously however ive just come across this stroked s38 that produces 450 crank hp....

here is the engine/transmission spec


Frank Fahey 4.0L S38 Stroker; 450+ crank HP on 105 octane fuel
92mm stroke SCAT crank
96mm bore (just over, actually)
Custom 11:1 JE pistons
Stock length Pauter rods
Schrick 280/280 cams
BMW Motorsport e30 Evo M3 valve springs (reduces valve float)
Titanium spring retainers
Stock valves
RC Engineering fuel injectors
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Ported and polished intake trumpets, TB's, intake and exhaust ports
Stock AFM; no adjustments to spring tension (HP bottleneck now)
Custom airbox, K&N cone filter
3 inch core Griffin radiator, 3 inch core Griffin oil cooler


Stock gearset rebuilt GR280 tranny
Quaife diff, 3.91 gearset
8lb alum flywheel
8lb pressure plate (Sachs, from a Lambo; 1/3 steel, 2/3 bonded alum)
6 puck race clutch disk
e34 M5 Guibo and bolts
UUC Evo3 short shifter
Stock driveshaft
(Note: the engine and tranny had to be moved back in the car 1 inch to allow the 3 inch radiator to fit. The driveshaft and all the shifter linkage had to be cut and shortened, and the motor mounts reloacted)

more info here BigCoupe's Featured Car - August 2005

and a video..


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Interesting .

Just over 96mm bore may be pushing the envelope a tad , I would suggest .


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If other tire is on slippery surface, it´s not offerring any lockup.

OEM LSD is strong and with dual discs (50% lock up) it is very strong and locks allways.
Yes.. i agree with Eero H

many in the driftworld,, just buy 2.1mm lock disc and they works superb
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