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Hi all,

I have two broken S38's here. Both have been intenrally damaged by water. One cracked a head gasket and was left sitting, the other was stored outside with no inlet manifold on! :crying: (before i bought it!)

Anyway, i am not sure one good engine could be made between them, not without new valves and pistons anyway. So ive decided to part both of them out.

Here's a brief list of what i have:

S38 3.6 Exhaust Manifolds - 150euro each
3.6 Throttle bodies - 2 sets, 150euro a set.
3.6 Sump - 1 good - 100euro
P/S Pump - 150euro
Alternator - 100euro
Airbox plenum - 150euro
3.6 Block with pistons - 1 looks ok - 300euro
3.6 Block - not so good - 150 whole bottom end.
3.6 head - surface corrosion - 300euro
3.6 head - damaged cam follower - 150euro.
3.6 ECU - 150 euro
3.6 Loom x 2 (RHD) - 100euro each
3.6 Starter and DMF - 200euro
3.6 Rad - 120euro
3.6 Oil Cooler with fittings - 150euro.

The whole lot on a pallet for 800euro. Im not sure anything can be made of them but surely they are useful for spares.

Anything else just ask. There is loads of other odds and ends there. Im in Ireland and will ship anywhere.

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Just came across your post. I'm looking for all the parts to run my e28 M5 on s38b36 engine management. I have a proper b36 intake manifold, but am curious if the lot of stuff you listed back in april is still available. I'd be interested in:

Wiring Harness
Front Harmonic Balancer
Crank Position Sensor and Mount
Control unit for the flappy valve in the intake manifold
Throttle Bodies
All the vacuum hoses and ICV
Spark Plug Wires and covers

Let me know if you've got that stuff around. Thanks for your time.
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