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S2000 Road Kill.

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There's no substitute for horsepower. Passed this guy on the road this am, and he decided he wanted to play. Left it in 6th, and pulled away. I could still see his xenons way back in the distance, so I slowed, and gave him a chance to catch up. He drove like a maniac to catch me. When he did, I just waved, dropped it into 5th, and took off again, hitting 140 before I slowed and let him catch me a second time, and embarrassed him yet a again. When I had to get off at my exit, he waved in salute. Nice way to break up a monotonous commute!
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Congrats Man! S2000's are good handlers to what I've heard and I wouldn't doubt it. I would never in hell be able to live with the engine whine at 8000rpm's, however.

I've seen a couple S2000's also here in MA driving like a maniac. But you have to admit though... MA drivers are pretty damn pathetic, we'll see how I fare when I get my license in the months to come... if only I could show up for my test in an M5
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the S2000 is a fine automobile. Ive been passed by them, and Ive passed them also. Ive seen a couple- a job well done by Honda.

I have an S2000. And a Supra TT 6-speed. And a 528 sport. And an M5 on order.

Now I can say, pretty definitively, that the 528 can take a 70mph sweeper FASTER than the S2000. It is just better balanced.

But on a winding country road. Narrow two lane black top. Tight turns, short straights. The S2000 rowing between first and second has nearly no match (I imagine an Elise would eat it for breakfast).
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