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My 2000 M5, Titanium silver, bruyere Exclusive interior has about 5500 miles so far, and I have had only one problem. That was that even though my build date was late Jan 2000, I am still among the chassis numbers which have the service engine light come on randomly. However, this only happened twice in first 1200 miles, and went out on its own, and now has not happened in >4000 miles. I'll have the dealer use their new DME programming ability at next service, not before. I've used 1 (ONE) quart of oil in the entire time with this car. I added that at about 5000 miles, and am now at full. I drive the car fairly hard, using it as a daily driver, but don't abuse any component. The only mod on the car is John Hennessey's K&N filters. I'm thrilled with the car, love it as much as my previous 993 Carrera 4, which it seriously outperforms.
I'm sorry to hear about folks with blown engines, clutch problems, etc, but my personal suspicion is that some of this is due to poor driving technique and abuse of the machinery. FWIW,
Preston Calvert
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