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Average install time: 1-2hrs
PLEASE NOTE: INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK. Race Precision, Inc, RPi is NOT responsible for pulleys, hardware, belts that are installed incorrectly. Use our installation guide simply as a guide or reference. We recommend installation to be done by professionals.
Kit: RPi ST Pulley Kit M5/M6
Tools needed:
- 13mm socket wrench
- 8mm socket
- small flat head srew driver
- 14mm wrench
- 14mm socket
- 6mm allen
- torque wrench
Before you begin, make sure the car is COOL. Dont burn yourself on a hot car. Open the trunk, get under the cover and disconnect the Negative (-) on the battery. Lift the car up (look at your manual for proper jack points). Make sure you use good jack stands...SAFETY FIRST! Once the car is up, you will have to remove the bottom cover. It is held on by four 13mm nuts and several 8mm screws/bolts. Once the cover is off, you will need to pop off the tensioner/idler pulley caps. There are 3 of them. Once you have those off, follow the directions below.

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