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Some of you have already heard about our ram air intake package for the M5/M6. We wanted to test it on a few cars to make sure the gains were consistent. Well, now they are available.

For $349, its probably the best bang for the buck mod out there.

Mike was here today and we got a chance test the ram air scoops again.

This will help further explain how this works.

You can see how the factory ducting gives access to cold air (in front of the radiator) but the head on airflow will flow through the oil cooler and radiator. From looking at the stock system, its my understanding that the triangular opening on the bottom of the box may be creating a vacuum from the airflow under going to the brakes. This is probably helping in creating a vac/negative pressure to bring in some of the air from the main ducting. We will also test to see how our scoops work with blocking the bottom airbox hole. With our ram air scoops, we capture and isolate some of that air (will NOT block the radiator or oil cooler....maybe .25" if anything.) Image shown below.

The ram air scoops are available in red, black or brushed aluminum.

- 2007 M6 test (+12whp)
- 2006 M5 test (+10whp)
- 2008 M5 test (+16whp)

RPi Ram Air Kit includes. $349 includes:
- BMC air filters
- RPi Ram Air Scoops
- Mounting Screws + instructions

RPi Ram Air Kit + dyno package. $399* installed
- Same as above + 3 dyno runs after installation

RPi Scoops only $125*

- M6 version coming soon! -

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Where is the shop for the installation price located?:wroom:
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