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- thick gloves
- cleaning cloth + rubbing alcohol
- stubby strew driver
- long screw driver
- RPi ram air scoops + installation screws
1. First thing to do is remove the front kidney grills. Some of you may have had the E60 M5 or E63 M6. The removal is a bit harder with the F10 and F12. Its hard to get to the rear tabs of the grills like the previous models. The easiest way I have been able to take the stock ones out if by pulling them out. This is where the thick gloves come in handy. Secure the grills and press downward while pulling and the top portion should come out. Do the same for the bottom part.
2. Use a piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the surface where the scoops will be mounted. Making sure the double sided 3M tape sticks will help with installation and keep the scoops secure.
3. Peel the backing off the double sided tape and place the scoops on the car as pictured. There should be a small space between the scoop and the very edge of the shroud you are installing the scoop on. There is also equal space from the top and bottom. This will ensure that the scoop is installed straight and as designed.

4. Use the included self tapping screws to secure the scoop as pictured. Do NOT drill holes. The self tapping screws will install easily with a long screw driver. Install the top screw first, then the one directly under it. Do NOT over tighten the screws.

5. Use a stubby screw driver to secure the bottom side screw as pictured. Do NOT over tighten the screws.

6. Make sure the scoops are aligned correctly as in the pictures above. Once the scoops are secure, install the kidney grills.
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