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RPi Exhaust Installation BMW F10 M5
For GT and GTS Systems
Tools Needed:
- 11mm socket
- 13mm socket
- 16mm socket
- 12mm socket
- 15mm socket
- 1/4 screw (x2) to plug up stock vacuum line
Apprx Install Time: 1.5hr
Remove stock exhaust. You will not need the nuts that hold the stock cross braces (there is one up front by the transmission and one in the rear, behind the differential). Once the stock exhaust is removed, please follow the diagram below for exhaust assembly. There are brackets near the rear axle (where ground wires are) that need to be reversed to fit the RPi exhaust. There are single brackets at the each muffler (bolt to the chassis) that need to be reversed as well.
Installation/Alignment tip: Do not tighten the exhaust to the front flange/downpipe, do not tighten the v-band and band clamps that hold the exhaust together BEFORE lining up the exhaust. Make sure the exhaust is fully installed and aligned before starting to tighten up clamps and bolts to flanges.
WARNING: **Do NOT over tighten BOLTS or clamps!**

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