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Royal Red M5

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Pics of my new Royal Red Metallic M5 with Caramel All Leather. Awesome car.

Anybody else in Connecticut (Fairfield County). I haven't seen another M5 on the road here yet.

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What a great looking car!! Love the color combination. Congrats and enjoy!!!
Great looking color combo. The red is not as flashy as Imola & the interior is stunning.

There are M5's being delivered daily. I've only spotted 4 cars in the NYC area. There are hundreds in the metro area (hopefully tucked away in garages) until it's time to drive!


Nice car! I pick up my Tit. Silver/Black Exclusive Saturday. I've seen 4 or 5 M5s in and around Greenwich, CT.

See you on the road!
Wow! Great color combination! I didn't realize the royal red was so handsome. I haven't seen the royal red here in Boston. Just black, avus blue, imola red, and the dark grey color (can't remember the color name). I have a Titanium Silver w/ black all leather. Enjoy your new car!
Awesome Color Combo. Thanks for posting the pics.
your pictures look great! There are more M5s in Fairfield County. I have the same exact car that you do, but my exterior is Imola Red.Mine was the first to be delivered at the Greenwich dealership, which has delivered 5or 6 more cars since then. Congratulations and good look.

I am pretty close after 1 year on the Greenwich list. I am choosing between the Imola red, Royal red and Silver. I live in Ridgefield and would not mind looking at yours. Please email me if possible [email protected] so I could sneak a look

jeffL, do you have any pics of your imola red m5? i'm also ordering one in that color but the only references i have are (1) the BMW auto show poster with the red M5 and (2) the color swatch from the M brochure. it would be greatly appreciated if you could post pics. also, does the imola look the same as that on the smaller M coupes/roadsters?

message is addressed to jms =)
You can also go take a look at Hennessey Motorsports and look at the M5 videos. His former M5 was Imola Red. I think he has a few pics on there as well, but nothing too substantial.

Hennessey Motorsports:
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