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Rookie Questions

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I have been reading the threads here for some time and I must say WOW! You guys know more about these cars than I do my personal life. Your knowledge made me armed when making my purhcase - thank you all! As background, I had a 1997 540 with 135k that I sold to acquire the M5. The M5 is truly a beast.

About 2 months ago, I bought a 2002 M5 with 66k on the clock. It needed rear tires, a clutch, control arms and is throwing some codes - no SES, but my local indy that did the work said I will need to spend some $ soon to make it "perfect." Anyway, to my problem and reason for writing.

Just after shifting into 5th and 6th gear, there is slack in the driveline. I press the accelerator and there is a hesitation lsimilar to a bad u joint. I have not noticed any posts on bad u joints - is this uncommon? This only happens (or is noticeable) in the 5 and 6 gear, but might be occurring elsewhere-I do not notice it though. After the initial "slack" is realized in the specific gear, it will not reproduce the slack after releasing throttle and depressing again while in the same only occurs as the initial load is placed on the drivetrain in that gear. Any thoughts? I love the car, but need to know what to expect. Anyone else had these issues?
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I'd say clutch or guibo.

Guibo is easy to check, as Chowdah said just put it on a lift and look. If you see cracks you need to replace it.

I'll give you 2 methods for checking your clutch:
1. (this is the method I learned long ago on low horsepower vehicles - not sure if it applies) With the car idling and foot firmly planted on the brake, put the car in 5th gear. Slowly and steadily release the clutch. The vehicle should just die. Any slipping or additional revving while releasing means new clutch.
2. The recommended test I've read on this board is to get your car in 3rd car at about 2500-3000 rpm under steady throttle and then floor it. If you get revving without acceleration = new clutch.

Good luck!

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