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Rogue Engineering Sway Bar brackets

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Never break a sway bar bracket again! I broke 3 BMW OEM sway bar brackets with on my M5, until I found these... I bought 2 sets, thinking they would break as well, but they never did. I've sold my M5 but I found these, guess I should sell them! Great quality, excellent fit. These are basically 2 OEM brackets welded together- the OEM ones only have a tab one one side and the bolt opening on the other. These have 2 bolt openings. If you drive your M5 hard, especially if you track it or have an aftermarket suspension, you NEED this part. you may have a broken sway bar bracket and not even know it. Ever hear a rear end clunk? Car ever get a little squirrley in the rear? Check the brackets!

$50 shipped!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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