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Road Angel Radar Detector

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Would welcome comments on the 'New Road Angel' radar detector (UK version) - any good ? alternative recommendations ? and this may be a silly question - do you think I really need a radar detector at all ?

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Albert, diffusers are indeed the best defence against laser, especially considering 9 times out of 10 by the time the Bel picks up a laser you've already been caught. But against speed cameras, jammers (radar not laser) are fairly ineffective, especially when in close proximity. So there is no point having one but not the other. You can always look out for cameras and mobile units, but laser is practically impossible to spot and prevent (without of course sticking to the speed limit).

The Bel's primary function is to provide the warning for a K or Ku band radar. As you may have seen, a lot of commercial units do not provide the warning for K band, which really puzzles me as this is the frequency used by most speed cameras. The Bel however, provides a warning for virtually every radar frequency (except of course the cameras that take a picture of the front of the car that have sensors in the road). But when in those areas you can do nothing but slow down, thankfully there are not that many in the country.

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