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right hand drive fsu location

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ok after some battery drain issues ,i noticed when i switch off the car and sit there for half a min the heater fan goes constantly on and off,so im gona change the fsu unit ,ive seen some threads on the location of the fsu but only on left hand drive cars, where is the fsu on a right hand drive m5??
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thanks mate
good idea,so what was draining your battery mate?
im sure mines is fsu beca use even when i pull the key out of the ignition the heater fan is going on off like crazy..
what reset button do you mean?
Same here, what reset button are you meaning?
i think he means the rest button, it only works when you swich the car off for some reason, i just pulled the plug out of the fsu so see what happens in the morning ,pain in the arse on a right hand drive car to get to the fsu,loads of stuff in the way .
Don't know if these help, the first pic shows the tab at the bottom of the FSU that needs pushing down to allow it to slide out.


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I found this instruction post particularly informative when my FSU stuffed it; - Final Stage Unit Replacement

I hope you find this helpful
hey m5

on your profile it says youve got an sl 65... have you really got one, whats it like??
i fancied getting a cl65 ,i seen one for £45k but was to scared incase something goes wrong with it =)
FSU Repair

I know that the Final Stage Unit is a common failure point for the aircon fan. I recently had the same classic symptoms just as we are having a spell of hot weather in the UK. Anyway the kids seemed to enjoy going down country lanes with the windows wide open...

Just to say I managed to fix the problem by repairing the FSU following this guidance Final Stage Resistor fix DIY -

Getting the unit out on an RHD car was no real issue at all and I simply did as the guide suggested and resoldered the components to the PCB.

Replaced it back into the car and it now works fine. So in all took about an hour and cost £0! :)

Just thought I'd share this


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