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Anyone know where I can get the earliest spot for a right hand drive M6 ?
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Anyone order one from Hong Kong ?
I think if you contact BMW Hong Kong they can let you know what dealers haven't used their slots yet.

One question, the prices on the BMW H.K. site? Are those US Dollars? Cause $763,000 for an M3 seems an awefull lot.
Hi Charles. I'm from Singapore. Mine is currently being manufactured and I'm expecting to collect either late Oct or early Nov this year. I'm sure BMW has granted some slots to Hkg too. Check with your dealer.

The M6 is not as popular here as opposed to the M5 (2 dr vs 4 dr) and the price too is not very attractive. I guess it may be the same in Hkg.

Best of luck.
I was told it won't be here till early 2006. M5 will need to wait till March..... sigh ... hate to wait.

Was also told that M6 will be $2M HKD ... well but that's nothing compare to Singapore price !

The M5 costs USD 280000.00 here in Singapore. There are already 4 being registered for use here right now.

The M6 I ordered was actually slotted for Sep prod some time ago. We had problems confirming the price previously and when we finally did, BMW Asia based in Singapore went ahead and proceeded with my order.

Why do you guys in Hkg have to wait so long? Singapore orders for the M5 were already taken in June/July. Very strange
Hi ed,

Well, the first few M5s in HK are already on the road ... it's just that if we order one now, we'll have to wait till mid-2006.

M6 in Singapore, are they already running on the road ? Man ... we're both Sime Darby company but we much slower ..

Do you think I can buy one from singapore and shipped it back to hk without paying the singapore tax ?


I don't think you can buy from Singapore, but if your agent is also Sime Darby, you can ask them to arrange for you. I am sure they are able to shake hands with their Singapore office (if there's not so much POLITICS between them)

Mine will be the first M6, so you can safely say that there'll be one on the road by Nov
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