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Hey guys, do a lot of lurking around, finally decided I had something to contribute. Quite recently the "coilovers" on my E36 M3 were in need of some replacing, with that said I set out to find a set of real coilovers for the car. Not sleeves, and they had to be height and dampening adjustable. My first instinct was to go check function & form's site to see if they made an E36 fitment yet (I've had great experience with them in the past with my Honda's). However, not out yet. So I continued looking around. Looking at the big names like Bilstein and H&R ect. I found that none of the coilovers in my price range had the features I wanted. Being in school, my price range was around a grand.

In my search for coilovers I stumbled across a post on a forum about these Maxspeedingrods coilovers. I was a little intrigued as I had never heard of them. The review that I had read said they were great and well worth the money. I wasn't quite content with just one review though, so I looked for more. I couldn't find one for an E36 but every other review I read said the same thing (minus people's brief encounters with them that said otherwise). This was understandable though as I find coilover adjustments to be quite a personal thing, much in the same way people like their beds.

On to the real stuff now. I'm sure I've bored the piss out of you. Real quick, I'd like to thank sophia for getting me the things so fast despite ordering them on a holiday weekend. They were ordered Friday afternoon on labor day weekend and got here the following Thursday. Alright back on track. The coilovers got to my house and the first thing I did was rip them open, if nothing more just to look at them. What I found was very good build quality. All the welds looked great and every bracket that you have on your OEM struts are there, brake lines and everything else. Even the little threaded one that faces out that holds the crazy little BMW clip. All there which was a plus. Installation was about as easy as it gets on a car that's weathered together in a perfect situation, it's a one man job with a jack to use as an extra set of hands, some of the bolts required an extra set of hands because I'm not superman. I found reading the directions to be useful, only because the camber adjustment bolts come shipped just barely loose.

Now on to the ride. The coilovers are 24 way adjustable for dampening and the range of this is quite nice. I've never put them all the way to soft end the lowest I've been is 8, which is a great ride. I have had them all the way to 24 however, and that is still a good ride with respect to what it's meant to do. You feel every part of the road while not feeling like you should be on your way to the chiropractor instead of home. I also found that they helped the car launch ever so slightly better the tires seemed to hook up a little quicker on the softer side of things. I have not yet taken the car back roading as I just installed the the Z3 reinforcement plates in the rear this morning. After I take it out on the back roads I will update this post and let you guys know how they are. I'm expecting them to be great.

To sum things up:
- Great build quality
- They paid attention to detail
- Ride quality for daily driving is great
- So far in the couple days I've had these they've been amazing.

Any questions you have about them I'll do my best to answer.
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