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Results of low beam upgrades?

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I recently replaced my low beams to match the upgraded fogs from umnitza. The fogs are great, but the low beams don't beam as far down the road as the stock bulbs. I get a great white light for a few feet in front of the car and then it seems to fade although there is still some light. The stock bulbs illuminated much farther and had a very sharp cutoff. I didn't change the aiming, so is there something else amiss, or is it a function of the different bulbs pattern? The DS2 bulbs are 6k. Thx
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ok-cami said:
I just recently installed the Umnitza 6000K upgrade for both the low beams and fogs (easy install, BTW) and have not found any issues with road illumination. That being said, it is well known that 6000K is not as "bright" as the OEM 4300K. It's just a little bluer in color and that translates to reduced brightness overall. You can search this subject on this board and get plenty of info.
I did the same upgrade with fogs and matching low beams. The low beams are much whiter than stock ( and certainly when I compare to high beams), but the usable distance is cut in half. When I turn on the fogs, it kind of "fills in" the low beams. If this is the result I may just go back to stock bulbs.
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