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I'm going to share some of my best "secrets" when it comes to do "research".

1. Google, use Google! Really powerful and nice, search in Japanese or Korean (or use foreign keywords to bias your search), color search in advanced image search or (searching Chinese government sites, for example). Much to play with and learn.

2. Picture search, this is built in in Chrome (just right click a picture and search google with it), If you use another browser, get a plug-in to do the work (drag and drop from on-line or disk also works). I also use TinEye (site or right-klick-plugin), far from as powerful as Google, but sometimes the winner when you really need it. This is a good way to find out when a picture was taken, raise your chances for a hi-res picture or a picture with remaining EXIF-data. (Not very good on new pictures) If you don't get a match, try enter Koenigsegg in the search field and you'll probably get some decent hits among the Visual similar images.

3. EXIF-data, get a right-click plug-in to do it for you! or use an on-line viewer with drag and drop.

4. Keep files, if you are hardcore - save pictures/pages (they tend to disappear and links go dead after a few years).

5. Way back archive, check the broken links here! Go back in history on a site and so on .. Very slow and hard to do all the tricks with, but you'll probably learn over time..

Edit: Don't trust camera dates in EXIF-data 100% (they are sometimes wrong, mobile phone cameras are much more reliable). Once in a while you can dismiss a camera date by checking when the camera was introduced, if the camera model was introduced after "Create date" you should be very suspicious! When there are a added watermark or other "computer generated/edited" timestamps, take that in consideration. Date from computer are more reliable, and often done close to the photo-shot.
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