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I recently purchased an E39 M5 with chewed up door seals. It was the first thing you say when you opened the drivers side door! They had to be replaced. I photographed the process and thought I’d share.

The parts numbers are:
51210402745 (left)
51210402746 (right)

and the diagram showing the part is here:
RealOEM (part #8)

Start by prying the plug out of the end of the trim with the door open (this is part #10 on the RealOEM diagram, and it comes with the seal when you purchase it, no need to order separately):

then gently pry the seal out of the channel along the door:

at the bottom, pause and unclip the bottom 3 clips holding in your trim piece. The rubber trim tucks under the channel, so it needs to be lifted slightly. This can deform so be gentle with it!

Once loose from the clips, raise the trim piece up just an inch or so and step in front of the door to see the channel where the trim piece is seated.

Pull the rubber trim loose from the door.

Start replacing the new piece by slipping the little nub into the hole.

Gently position the rubber piece around the end of the aluminum trim and pop the trim back into the tabs.

Line up the two pegs to fit into the holes, pop them in and then tuck the rubber piece behind the door seal.

The rest is pretty straight forward, work the seal into the top trim piece moving up the door, and then tuck the end back in how you found it.

and enjoy your freshened door seal! Let me know if you have any questions.



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Did this help at all with wind noise/cabin noise at speed?
I haven't gotten on the highway yet but I'll report back with my findings when I do. At speed I was having a bit of wind noise on my drivers side, and I'm hoping that replacing these seals helped with that.
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