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Removing phone from armrest

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I have searched but it's all very confusing. I have the built-in carphone in my armrest. This is useless to me as (1) it doesn't work with my network and (2) I would have to remove my SIM card whenever I wanted to use it.

I would be vaguely interested in Bluetooth, but the only solution I can see is at, and there's no way I'm paying so much when I can just use a Bluetooth headset in-ear.

So what I want to do is replace my armrest with a non-phone one, and also have the storage space under the armrest (which I do not currently have and would like).

Looking at, do I just need 51167140687 (armrest) and 51168196967 (armrest tray)? It will flip up rather than slide, correct? Or is there more to it than that?

Also, after I remove the phone handset, are there other parts of the phone system in the car that I could remove?
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Euro Armrest

I did this for my car, and it's easy - ONCE YOU HAVE ALL THE PARTS. The opening/sliding mechanism is an extra part that you need to purchase - it doesn't come with the armrest and storage bin.
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