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Remove pass. seat- now, error won't clear?

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I had to remove the front passenger seat to access the fuse for the sec. air pump. This triggered a red light to appear on the dash on the far right indicating that when I removed the wire to the linear position transducer the computer no longer knew where the seat was position (forward or back) so it lighted the red light. After putting the seat back and reconnecting everything, the red light will not go out. I have a Peake, but since it's not a SES type error, I'm not sure how to clear it. Any suggestions?

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There's Doug! kinda hoping you'd jump in to guide me. Yes, I now know why and what is going on. I don't own the SRS. I have the FCX-II and I just don't think it is worth the $120 to clear the light. You are the first person that has suggested that the error will clear by itself. All I did was disconnect the seat, replace a SAP fuse and re-plug in the seat so I don't see what I could have done to the air bag. Everyone says the screw up on my part was disconnecting the seat without first disconnecting the battery. I just disconnected the big red wire that comes off the positive post to a 200 amp fuse feeding the fuse panel under the seat. That was the kiss of death. I need a reset tool I am told. Funny this is that I replaced the blown fuse, installed the new SAP valve, but there is no pump in the car whatsoever as it is on backorder and the SES light is gone and I have started the car at least a dozen times! That is what started this whole deal. If I had it to do over, I would buy the SAP delete device for $200 and forgetaboutit! Maybe someone in NW Indiana will help me get the reset. The nearest dealer is an hour away. Can anyone answer the question whether the error will clear on its own-it is an air bag fault?

Thanks Doug

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