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Relocate CD changer to front? or in-dash cd?

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Anyone attempted this? I can't stand it in the trunk.

Why oh why couldn't there be a cd slot behind the nav screen. That would be perfect!!!

Any other thoughts?

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Yes. Get an IceLink Plus and use an iPod instead.
Need4Spd said:
Yes. Get an IceLink Plus and use an iPod instead.
Exactly! Optical discs are old school.

Cheers, Daniel.
I just had a 20G Rio Karma installed in my European Arm Rest. I have the capacity for all the music that I will need for listening in the car.

For me the Rio Karma provides far moe flexibility and utility than the iPods.
I have a 20 GB Archos I got for $150 that is mounted on the right side of the dash area, near the defroster controls using a cell phone mounting bracket. I then have a RCA cable running from the MP3 player to the trunk that connects to a BlitzSafe adapter. Works like a charm.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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